Solar Power Workshop - Saturday September 16th, 8 am - 4 pm: Civic Garden Center

We've worked with a local non-profit called Sonlight Power to conduct a workshop for the Student and Professional Chapters around Cincinnati. It's is a one day affair and customized to meet our needs. Since we have UC, GCP, and Miami working on projects with solar energy to power water pumps,this will be the main emphasis of the workshop. 
The workshop will be held on Saturday September 16 from 8am to 4 pm at the Civic Garden Center off Reading Road near the UC Campus. Subjects include Intro to Solar Power, Grid Tied vs Off-Grid Systems, Solar Power Systems Components and Configurations, Design of a Solar Power System, Hands On Training with Assembly of Panel System, Viewing of working solar powered pump as well as building system, Completing and Commissioning of a Solar Power System, Lessons Learned in the Field. Workshop will be held . 
Chuck Dragga attended a workshop in July and found it very informative, instructional, and pertinent to what we are doing.  Even if you are not planning on going overseas on one of our projects you will learn enough to help guide you getting a solar system put on your house if you are interested in doing so.  
Sonlight Power's primary mission is to help mission groups here and abroad with putting in solar power at schools, churches, and other facilities.  They do work abroad as well in Central America and the Caribbean. They also conduct training workshops for groups to familiarize them with solar power design, sizing, and installation.  They are based here in Cincinnati.
The workshop is not free. It will cost $150/person including study booklet and snacks and lunch. EWB is offering a similar workshop at it's national conference in Milwaukee in October. It costs $75 but is only for a half day. So costs are comparable and you don't have to travel to Milwaukee to participate.
More details can be found on the following link:
Space is limited to 15 people so if you are interested please contact Chuck Dragga as soon as possible. Payment arrangements are still being worked out. I will let you know once you have contacted me. I can be reached via email at ""