2009 Activities

  • The work on this trip was concentrated on improving the drinking water supply to the remote village of Ntobwe and its orphanage.
  • The existing water usage outstripped the supply, preventing the existing tank from filling. Part of reason was water waste due to several taps at lower elevations that ran constantly. 
  • New self closing valves were installed on these standpipes and some other plumbing maintenance work remedied much of the water waste. 
  • As part of our original goals, our team added a day tank to provide water for the orphanage when the tap runs dry. 
  • After reviewing alternate water sources, a second source near one of the existing sources was developed to increase the water supply. Over 100 people from the village participated in the construction of the new source including hillside excavation and pipe trenching. The work done by the EWB-GCP members and the local community increased the water supply in Ntobwe by approximately 50%. 
  • With this increase in water supply, the existing water storage tank, which contained just inches of water upon the team’s arrival, was soon filling to four feet. This highlighted the need for a follow-up project; seal the leaks in the mortar of the tank that were discovered with the new higher water levels.