Update from Friday

The travel team has arrived safe and sound.  Here is the latest update from Ed Kohinke:

Our flight across the Atlantic was uneventful except for the welcome discovery of a great selection of free inflight movies. No one got more than 4 hours of sleep before a rainy grey 9:30 am landing in Amsterdam. Christina Durchholz, the sixth member of our group, joined us like clockwork at the departure gate for Kigale.

The flight to Kigale took us over the brilliantly white Alps, down the coast of Italy, across Sicily in view of Mt. Aetna, over the incredible expanse of the Sahara Desert, around some massive thunderstorm clouds above the Congo, and through a deep inky violet sunset into Rwanda. Within the hour, we hopped over Lake Victoria to Entebbe. Five stars out of five for the incredible food on the KLM flight; we look forward to it again on the return flight.

After taking care of our visa, we rendezvoused with Sister Rita, Sister Marge, and our driver Phillip, and were whisked away through the smoky Uganda night to the SND Pre-School facility in Entebbe where they also have a resting house for travelers. We were surprised to meet Jay Bayer and three of his kids at the house, who are also from the Cincinnati area, who had just completed 2 weeks of surveying for the Sisters. After a brief introduction, everyone retired to our excellent accommodations and got right to catching up on our sleep. At least, we did after the neighborhood rooster stopped crowing!