Getting Ready For Another Trip!

This is just a quick entry to test the mail2blogger system of publishing my blog entry. This year I should be able to publish this directly via email from the boarding school in Buseesa, Uganda, as long as the sun is shining and the solar cells are charging!


This will be the second assessment trip for the Biogas Group (represented by Jim Moyer and Ed Kohinke), and the first assessment trip for the Water Group (represented by Erin Cummings and Connor Smith). We depart tomorrow, April 17th, at 4pm, and return April 27th at about the same time. Ed Kohinke and Erin Cummings were on the travel team last year. Jim Moyer has extensive travel experience with the UC student chapter of EWB in Tanzania. Connor Smith is along for his first EWB trip.


The forecast in Uganda is for 80 degrees everyday and thunderstorms every afternoon... the rainy season!