Saturday Morning

The travel team awoke Saturday morning in Mpala to a nice gentle rain that became a sunshower as the sun came up. Different birds were singing and the roosters were crowing in the neighborhood surrounding the Notre Dame's Preschool compound. We had arrived Friday midnight after a fairly smooth flight marred mostly by the loss of everyone's checked luggage! Fortunately we all have basic items and clothes in our carry-ons to last until our bags can be delivered to us in Mubende. Sisters Anita and Judith met us at the airport, and their driver Phillip drove everyone on the left side of the road, through a few roundabouts, and past a police checkpoint to our accommodations in Mpala.  


Some things feel different from last year's trip, like the rain, and some things are the same, like the people, the rooms, and the continental breakfast. After some boiled eggs from the hens, small sweet bananas from the trees, and a bit of 'fat spread' and jam on bread, we are now organizing ourselves for the day, using the last speedy internet access we will have for several days, and generally settling into the rhythm of Uganda.