3/16 Monday Afternoon

A ten meter well has been drilled by Young Men Drillers, a six-person team. The well is now being "developed" by repeatedly pressurizing each meter of depth with a plunger to draw fine sand out of the surrounding substrate. The water flow rate into the well is not yet as high as desired. As a contingency another well is being drilled nearby that may yield the desired flow. All materials (bricks, cement, sand, etc.) are on hand --- some of the materials were donated by community members.  The pump is on hand for later installation. A pump expert was invited by YMD to the site and is providing his guidance. 
A few monkeys were seen today in the trees near the drill site. Yesterday, in the hills above NDA, we saw a family of mongoose and a hornbill.

Qenergy just got here at 9 pm. Their equipment truck broke down along the way.  We are going to layout the site Tuesday morning.  Digging for the main digester trench is due to start in the morning.