Project Implementation Trip

(posted by Erin Cummings)

It's finally here! We're getting ready to help implement both projects (water supply and the biogas)! A lot of hard work has gone into this: more than two years developing the program, two assessment trips, a comprehensive alternatives analyses, and a complete design for each project. Thanks to everyone who has supported the effort!

This time our travel team is made of three members: John, Jim, and me (Erin). John will focus on the biogas project, I'll be on the water project, and Jim will help with both. We're leaving Cincinnati this Thursday, and we'll arrive in Buseesa Saturday night after a brief rendezvous in Kampala.

The drillers arrived in Buseesa today! They surveyed the site and are going to start drilling tomorrow.  They sent these photos along... 

BCDC and drillers at the shallow well site.

Drillers in Buseesa.

So excited that this is finally happening! Can't wait to get over there!