2015 - Wrapping Up Both Projects

It remains hot and sunny in Buseesa, Uganda.  The rainy season was supposed to start two weeks ago but other than one major thunderstorm there has been little rain.  We are wrapping up details on the two projects.
I haven't seen Erin and Jim since breakfast. Among the many tasks they planned today were: a meeting with Father Godfrey to thank him for his help the past two weeks; a meeting with the Buseesa B community to discuss potential future projects; and a diagnostic test of the well's flow rate.
Meanwhile John (that wouild be me) was busy with QEnergy staking out where to place the fence around the digester to keep the goats out.  The neceessary posts are in hand as is the barbed wire. Jonan, the farm manager, went to Akasalaba to hire some men to build it tomorrow. QEnergy, several sisters and I agreed to a plan as to where to place the large and small stoves/burners in the kitchen. Those will start to be installed when QEnergy returns to the school in a few weeks. Meanwhile the cow manure in the digester will ferment and create biogas. We also agreed to the schedule for all remaining ancillary construction and the training of farm hands and cooks. That will be accomplished over the next two months. QEnergy is a small organization but impressive. I feel very confident they will follow through on their commitments. The Sister's are in good hands in our absence.
Tomorrow morning we depart for Kampala (4-hour drive) for a stop at the craft market for souveniers, then a change of clothes at the Sister's facility in Mpala before the short drive to the Entebbe airport for our 11:30 pm flight to Amsterdam. From there it is on to Detroit, arriving back in Cincinnati mid-afternoon Sunday.
We are all looking forward to getting home after this successful implementation trip. This will be our last post to this blog.